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The Primary Care Assessment Tool Ibero American (IA-PCAT) Collaboration is a network of researchers in the area of primary health care who interact and collaborate for the cross-cultural adaptation and implementation of PCAT in Spain and Latin America.

The network conformation began at the “International Seminar on Assessment at the First Level of Care” held in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2010. This Seminar met for the first time to Professor Barbara Starfield, one of the authors of the PCAT, from John Hopkins University, and Dr. James Macinko, from New York University, with the researchers from Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina working with PCAT until then. This event consolidated the cooperation between the teams dedicated to the development of the tool in these countries, and created the network basis for supporting other countries that were interested in or starting to work with PCAT.

International Seminar on Assessment at the First Level of Care. Montevideo, Uruguay, 3-5 of November, 2010.

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IA-PCAT´s background and present (Quito, 2014). 


IA-PCAT carries out collaborative projects focused on the cross-cultural adaptation, validation studies, implementation and interpretation of results through the use of PCAT model for assessment of health care at the first level.
Currently, reseachers from nine countries conform the IA-PCAT network: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, and Chile.

Research groups from Costa Rica, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Portugal have expressed interest in starting work lines with the PCAT model and are in in different situations of progress.


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